If Wishes Were Fishes

UPDATE:the co-Bloggger at the estimable Borepatch, has been doing a series of blog-posts on “Grail Guns,” as various bloggers and commentators have called-out to him with their most favored “if-cost-were-no-object” (nor time-travel either) special desires.

Pretend we’re sitting around the campfire talking about grail guns. What do you buy? You know the one. It’s what you would buy when the rich uncle you know nothing about leaves you 50 million dollars. The first one one, anyway.

Among the numerous and different catalog of firearms that people have chosen are various especially elusive (and some not so elusive) fighting handguns, rifles, and machine-guns – and also historical hunting arms.  So far he has showcased: The Spencer Rifle , the WWII Ithaca 1911A1 , the Detonics Combat Magnum , the African Mauser, in .404 Jeffery , The Lewis Gun (my favorite), The P08 Artillery Luger , Germany’s Iconic MP-40 submachinegun, the first modern assault rifle Sturmgewehr 44 , The M60 machine gun – the Pig , the Walker Colt , A pair: the Colt Single Action Army and a Winchester 1892 , a Colt Python , the Stoner 63 , the exotic AEK-919 , a Navy M14 , a Barrett M82 , his own Fav, the 1928 Thompson “Tommy” gun , an Original, Minty, Winchester Model 75 Sporter , and a Webley-Fosbery automatic revolver.

Most recently Borepatch himself had an inadvertent low-speed dismount from his motorcycle while on a trip south in Florida, and sustained some painful but non-life threatening injuries and probably could use an attaboy.  As fellow motorcyclists we hope this does not dispel his enthusiasm for the sport.


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4 thoughts on “If Wishes Were Fishes

  1. It’s been a while, but I remember reading Molon Labe!, by Kenneth Royce, almost ten years ago.

    The protagonist is the Guvnah of Wyoming and has a serious penchant for the various battle rifles (the real, .30 caliber rifles) that have been fielded throughout the world over the course of the 20th century and has a display of rather fine examples in one of his offices. The description is rather vivid for us gun nerds and some of the stuff listed I’d be willing to go after if indeed the money bag were near bottomless.

    FN49 from Luxembourg in .30-06 (its orginal chambering!) would be neat.

    • Thanks Bob! You know I should have known that, but the small-print often escapes me – I fixed that. Hope you don’t mind I added a link to your blog on my blogroll. -k-

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