Tasty Motor

The engine of the ’49 Chevy Deluxe coupe was rather tastefully done.
The blue airplane also had quite the engine, set-up with gold plated heads. In an interview Julie remarked that engine-rebuild (I believe she did herself) cost her a marriage.


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5 thoughts on “Tasty Motor

  1. Pity that the rebuild cost the lady a marriage. Let’s see…. single lady, with T-34? Does she need an airplane polisher? I’ll work cheap, and fly cheaper! LOL!

    Sunk New Dawn
    Galveston, TX

    • Jim. write if you find work! Julie Clark is something of a phenom, starting with her pilot-dad being killed when she was 14 in one of the first major aviation “workplace” tragedies – which only fueled her desire to learn to fly, and become one of the first major airline female pilots.

  2. Dang, sir, you keep flipping my nostalgia switches. My first car (junior year of high school) was a ’49 Chevy, albeit in a tasteful black. Wish I still had it.

    Also, a very nice T-34. The civilian versions I flew were sweet rides, too.

    • I had a bicycle in HS. I got my first car (a ’60 Ghia) the year I graduated from college, using my own funds ($500+) from a student loan! At least it was easy to work-on because I constantly had to do something to fix it.

    • Yeah, I’m also nostalgic for the days when one could actually work on a vehicle. You probably have to be an electrical engineer with a Masters in Computer Science to do that now.

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