Thursday, choreday

Went down to Folsom to grab four more lengths of Gladiator Geartrack for the garage wall and a basement-door sweeper/weatherstripping to keep leaves and debris out. We noticed (this morning) after the leaf-blower guys came through (this morning) and saw what they left behind. No matter, we’re done with them and paid them for the remaining 90-days of work – and meanwhile they picked-up our Neighbor’s yard to do, so now they have some actual work and we needn’t feel sorry for putting them out.
Stopped-in at STS Guns to do an extra bit of shopping and fondled a petite S&W Shield in .40S&W. I dunno, I haven’t shot one but I imagine that it’s a sharp sting in the hands from such a tiny gun, and I’ll bet a 9mm would be easier to handle. Of all the sub-compacts I’ve held the, Shield seems to feature what for me is the best hand-filling grip-feel for my oafish hand-size. The little Ruger LC9 and LCP and KelTec 9mm’s are teensy and wiggly little things, the Kahr not much better. Mainly the slimness of the single-stack M&P Shield is very attractive compared to my Sig P245 and would probably feel more comfortable on long vehicle trips.
Decisions decisions, so instead of buying anything I bought some raffle tickets for a Harrington and Richardson M1 Garand, to be picked on Nov. 10, the Marine Corps Birthday. Wish it was an International Harvester, but having only one M1 is a deficit I should hope to correct.
Later we hit Costco for some bottled water and some Mountain House Prepper freeze-dried foodstuffs with a 9-year shelf-life to stock the basement next to the bug-out-bags…
Now the garage is done, the ladders and brooms are hung, and the new freezer in the corner is humming along chillin’ – next we can go to Archer’s the ranch butcher for a side of homegrown grass-fed beef!

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2 thoughts on “Thursday, choreday

  1. Frankly, I would not bother with a .40sw at this point, unless you want to fill a hole in bullet launchers that would cover all possible police calibers. Very snappy recoil. I’m going to look for parts to convert my .40 Glock to 9mm. The other potential problem is any set-back can turn the cartridge into a mini-grenade. I’ve seen that happen to a Glock, and I’ve measured setback in my G27, even with factory fodder.
    The cumulative effects of too many injuries over the years has me thinking I need to start paying attention to recoil effects. The .45acp and 9mm tend to be softer shooting, so I think I’m going to stick with them for social use.

    I read a story about a family that has a stock of MH freeezdried that is 25 years old, and still good.

    That Geartrack comes in six-packs OEM, if you mail-order it. Think my friend was getting the Tracks from Sears. I’ll check. I put a lot of it in his garage. He was expecting to put a lot of weight in those cabinets, so I put as many screws as I could. EVERY stud they crossed got at least two screws. I was using a very small drill bit to find the wood behind the wallboard. Used a stud finder (several), but had real trouble determining precisely what was there. Very odd spacings and lumber sizes(bought the house new 10 yrs ago). Used the bit to define the sides of the wood. Shift a 1/4″ over, and drill until you hit air. The pinprick holes will get covered by the Track, so not a problem. I would measure each wall marking set, record it in my notebook, and pre-drill the Track for each location, to make sure I got it right. I doubt any two of them had the same pattern, even the ones above each other, due to the variable stud locations and dimensions.
    Had to make bottom corner standoffs for the smaller cabinets, to get them to hang without a tilt. The big ones required 3 Track sets to mount. Added lots of extra screws and washers to strengthen/stiffen the big ones. Wanted them off the ground for mouse control.

    Did six walls with Tracks (2+1 garage).


    • In the past I used Sears got Geartrack too, but our local store is very small so instead of ordering in advance I just go-buy. I left it on the walls of the last garage in the Bay. Here the studs are magnificently regular in spacing!

      Don’t have anything in 9mm so that would be a first…


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