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ktkc-flyer-940x682I don’t know what’s up with gunnies and kilts, my haberdashery is not so inclined, but this confluential obsession has been going-on for several years and a number of other gunbloggers are very active in their Kilt-endeavors starting (alphabetically) with Ambulance Driver, the esteemed Borepatch, the notorious JayG, and my buddy Old NFO – So you can help too. It’s for a good cause, helping to find a cure for Prostate Cancer.

Alternatively for moto-heads wishing to pursue the worthy cause of Prostate Cancer Funding by a different mechanism, there’s this thing called The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride – one of which is held locally. You could win lots of neat swag too including A Brand New 2014 Triumph Thruxton!

In 2013, over 11,000 participants in 145 cities around the world raised over $277,000 for prostate cancer research. In 2014, all funds raised will go to the Prostate Cancer Foundation in the UK, USA and Australia, with a relevant men’s health charity for Asia to be advised.

I was considering attending this on The Gentleman’s Express, however the truth is I am rather un-distinguished. There was a time when you might find me moustachio’d and wearing a white dinner-jacket to various theatrical and social events, but that is now long distant. Besides not having a kilt for cancer-kicking I also don’t have ANY sort of coat-and-tie – or any dress-up costume that might serve to conceal me as “Distinguished” and “Dapper” rather than emphasize my current and obvious lackluster and non-hirsute status. And I got rid of my turban years ago…
So maybe I’ll go and maybe not, but go help-out the competitors who are attracting funding for this research (above), all the cool kids are doing it.

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2 thoughts on “Kilt Kicker

  1. The dude in the kilt looks entirely too pleased to have had his tailpipe probed, and as a matter of fact, the lady looks just a bit too chipper, too. Methinks there’s a bit of “innuendo” lurking hereabouts….


    • That graphic was actually one of the significant off-puts for me about the whole thing. I get a PSA test annually from Kaiser with no snapping rubber gloves involved – only had that once and it was over fifteen years ago.


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