I don’t know why I bother…

The ride up into the hills and back and the following day’s inclement weather found me at the grocery-store magazine rack pursuing the mainline Moto-Mags, twitching with anticipation. I bought a copy of Cycle World. I know a lot of gun-folk don’t bother with the Gunny-Media periodicals anymore and rely instead on blogs and personal communications to communicate their gunsteroonie-stuffs, and the Moto-community is often likewise so-oriented. Still and even after my own participation (tester, photographer, illustrator) in the genre, I had a re-awakened hankering to read the mellifluous prosody of moto-periodical pushers.
When I last left-off the reading of such, the ones I remember liking best were Brit-moto mags; Fast-Bikes (sic) and Bike, and for the auld-pharts, The Classic MotorCycle – mainly appreciated for the complete difference in perspective and attitude compared to the US fanzines, the encyclopedic Roadracing World & Motorcycle Technology notwithstanding.
I had rubbed elbows with several US moto-scribes at a variety of events, from the Packard Children’s Hospital Corbin Ride for that I worked to develop sponsorship, to City Bike and Twistgrip “events” as it were – mainly the Suzuki Press Intro and the Laguna GP’s when I had a press-pass, and seen some others when I was competing and failing, and when I was a moto-photographer at Sears Point…
Reading the stuff again after being away and out of the biz for over ten+ years, it’s like nothing changed except ALL THE NAMES. Who are these new phenoms? The enthusiast Press is still the enthusiast press, charged with a duty to enthuse – but do I really have to join the AMA, again?

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3 thoughts on “I don’t know why I bother…

  1. There is an excellent page by Keith Code in the latest Motorcyclist (read it at the library), about the speed of decision making, and the related cost of dithering when you need to pick a path.

    IIRC, I joined the AMA in the early 80’s so I could get my roadracing license. Ran BOTT at Sears Point and Laguna Seca. Raced at Willow Springs, but can’t remember if I ran AMA there, or just the AFM.
    First year at Sears was the last year for the old paving. Like riding on the street, you had to pick a line that avoided the worst of the pothole patches. The line from the dragstrip up to turn #2 was at most a foot wide. You learned to be precise in placement, or you were in trouble. Especially with my shaftdrive Guzzi. Funny, the places that the pros mostly tiptoed through were my favourites, because my bike was stable there, and WFO.


  2. Zero percent journalism, 100% ad copy (cleverly disguised as moto-journalism). And if you try to buck the system, you WILL be squelched.
    Somehow, the Brits never allowed themselves to be prostituted, so they still can manage to call a dog a dog and at the same time, stay in business. In this country’s moto-mags, it’ll never happen. BTDT.


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