I think I’ll go for a ride

The Gentleman’s Express needs a workout and I have a few things I need at Home Depot up in Hangtown.*

UPDATE: Gear: The old Dainese road Gore-Tex still fits except the element closing wrist-zippers are a bit gummy from disuse.
The old Spidi roadracer gloves are a bit tight and getting thin, but they have seen the Großglockner and the Stilfser Joch, so I’m keeping ’em.
The near-new Shoei Multitech lid from my now non-rider buddy Petey also is swell and un-stankified – and quiet! But he stuck some weird Pokemon rabbit-thing sticker on the back that needs swapping-out. (Sorry!)
The new Alpinestar Scouts need some breaking-in and I need to adjust the foot-peg/shifter clearance and add some additional space for my size-12’s so I don’t get a hip-pointer every time I go to shift gears.

Besides the switch-plate covers at Homie Despot, ammo was on sale at Big-5 so I got me a box of them Federal Hydra-Shoks, and also some of the new Winchester PDX1 Defender as suits my role here at the Low Granite Outcropping.

*My wife (who wears no jewelery, ever) was invited to attend a *fun* jewelery-shopping thing with the the nice ladies of the neighborhood across the street. I was not invited to the estrogenfest but still felt the dewey drippings all around me, and I had to do something manly.


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