King Fire Update #6 it’s been over a week already

UPDATE– see the Blue-italic characters. UPDATE:

Acres charred to crispy: 87,592 Over 89,000 with containment languishing at a busy 18% 35% (the backfires worked) and numerous school closures because the air quality if unhealthy to dangerous. 

Do you ever wake up at night at like oh.. 3:03?  Or 3:08 AM or even 2:43 – or 3:57 – these numbers seem to happen to me a lot, now we see them at work here:  10/22 – number of houses vs. “structures” (barns, out-buildings, pump-houses, etc.) totally  wasted.  For a week they said “Zero” because they couldn’t even get in and find out.  Now they have some kind of number, but it’s only a partial.  12,000 houses are still threatened (and 9,000 “structures”).

5,500 7,300 7,600 crews are working the Big Event, mainly up in Stumpy Creek and by Slab Creek Reservoir where the Sikorsky Sky Crane’s are doing pickup and drop – with two major command-posts in action.   And there are t-shirt makers who are selling t-shirts.  They better go to the fire-support or I’m gonna be pissed.  The aerial suppression efforts got stalled yesterday when the cool-air  and overcast arrived,  literally blanketing things and making visibility suck .  Today’s winds blowing up from the SW have re-enabled the aerial attack.

More actual rain is in the forecast, but not until Thursday – and the winds that bring it towards us will also fan the fire…


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