Fire Update #5

UPDATE: It’s raining down in Arnold, and supposedly even closer in Diamond Springs!! YAY!!

Still dry on the deck of View from the Low Granite Outcropping.

82,00 acres burned and 10% contained, they chased it up into the lost zone where the trees run out and there’s only granite – no fuel. As far as I can tell, Tahoe is gonna get some spectacular sunsets. The have a full contingent, practically a regiment from all over, poised up outside Georgetown, site of the Fools Gold Enduro where I smashed my finger. It seems like the plan is this: The Fire went up past Icehouse on the South Fork to Hell Hole reservoir and then is trapped up there since when it hits tree-line there’s no more burn-fuels. If it goes back down towards Georgetown it runs into the old fire-burn from ten-plus years ago and again there’s much less fue. No thanks to the Hippies and Gov. FS.

In Hangtown and surrounding the smoke is thick. There’s a Raley’s supermarket parking lot next to the Fairgrounds that is overflowing with firefighting vehicles and men from all over California and Idaho and other states – thank you. Next to the parking lot there are rows and rows of tents. I hope asshole who drive through with the dumbass boom-boom bass running music get their windows smashed. These guys need some rest.

We went up to Gold Hill in the morning and in a few places I thought I might need the wipers to see any distance – valley eddies thick and cloying with smoke, burnt-smelling with horses and goats who don’t know the danger that passed over – stink even through the air-filter.

Thanks going out everywhere to the Fire Fighters, especially the Hot Shots who go in danger’s way…It’s moderate today, not in the high 90’s like earlier, only 85 or so – if it’s danger, “Get miles away…”

Who can not like the husband of Morticia, Gomez?:

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3 thoughts on “Fire Update #5

  1. I sure wish the cops would ticket those clowns with the boom-box cars. The state regs on it say if it can be heard 50ft away, it’s a noise violation. There are multiple ways they can be charged. One is using a Public Address System without a permit. I’ve never seen, or heard of, anyone being cited for this problem.


    • Overcast skies and low temps this weekend! Up in Tahoe where the smoke is blowing over the ridgeline and down into the basin they had to cancel the Ironman triathlon because of the thick and stinky air made that kind of extreme exercise dangerous and unhealthy… Personally IMO the only REAL Ironman is in Hawaii, and my buddy from water-polo won it six times.


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