Fire Update #4

A man has been arrested for the King Fire and is being held on arson charges and $10 Million bail – so apparently not just a idiot with a careless cigarette flicked out a car window, or a bad-bad hunter who’s bullet missed Bambi and hit a rock that sparked it.
Meanwhile more than 3,300 firefighters are battling the blaze, and officials say it is costing $5 million a day to fight. Also some 230,000 340,000 gallons of retardant has been dropped – more I’m sure already as I watch two planes fly overhead…

UPDATE: The arrestee’s name is the same as the former presidential-race hopeful and recent ambassador to China, but probably not related.

Update from the NewsMedia: As of Friday morning, the King Fire had spread to 76,376 acres. About 12,000 homes are threatened by flames. It’s unknown how many have burned.

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4 thoughts on “Fire Update #4

    • Indeed – and perhaps set on fire so the pigs can eat bar-b-que. That .PDF of the PowerPoint indicated a 434-year dry spell…but I’m still trying to get a handle on the who’s-who if that meeting. It sounds like the Cal Forestry Assoc. is fighting back against the .Gov FS policies – Like CalGuns? 🙂


    • That’s true, the guy that put that together works closely with Defending Rural America. The overgrowth has gotten so bad even many Greens are having to admit it’s time to harvest the forest. Hence the “goat lady” noted in the minutes.


    • Yes I got that! Our friend has goats in Newcastle, goats are a beautiful thing. Yodelayo. When was the last time Switzerland burnt down? They pick-up after themselves and their animals too. Damn stupid hippies.


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