Back to the Basement

We painted the raw construction-grade 3/4″ ply floors before we took off for the Bay so they would cure and dry while we were away. Upon our return we assembled the stacking shelves, moved bins of material goods, and also moved the garage shelf-unit down to The Understory. And more junk. Today we removed more sagging excess 2×4 shelving and cleaned it all up, assembling a small work-bench for the drip-line PVC stuff from half the old shelf-unit. Organization is taking place.

I hope it’s all for the good and a Shiny Bright Future because the King Fire* took another blow-up and has turned towards Swansborough (among other directions), where some 600-residents were evacuated earlier today. We looked at a couple of homes there on the plateau that rises up out of the canyon. It’s only about ten miles from Hangtown so things are a bit edgy. The thick gray-brown smoke pillar that rises up into the turgid sky and is capped with pyro-cumulus lid is dramatic and ominous. 11,000 acres have been consumed and there’s only 5% containment.

UPDATE: Fire updates move to fire post.

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One thought on “Back to the Basement

  1. 10 years ago, my father and I fixed up an old wood chipper for my sister that lived in Big Sur. She was afraid to use it, due to it being the original direct feed type. Didn’t appear to be a market for them, so she gave it to a local group of some unremembered sort. No market due to no one being allowed to cut down any of the dead Oak trees that filled the regional forests. All the oaks died from some sort of fungus that was traveling north from Mexico. She lost a bunch on her property, leaving just Redwoods. And a lot of open area, after they were removed.
    I couldn’t believe those idiots in the FS would leave all that fuel cluttering up the forests, and figured it would be just a few years before it would burn everything to the ground. And that is just what happened. She couldn’t get her property sold before the fires, unfortunately, as it really killed the market value afterwards.
    I’d like to see all those eco-whackos that were involved in that decision to be hung from an appropriately tall structure. Might get some sort of intelligence restored to the dept.


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