Away from the Bay

We left Tesla Town and all the battery-operated rolling iPad holder-vehicles behind in the gloom of an overcast and damp morning, and headed back across Dull-Ditch Valley and the Arid Acres, up to Sulpher Springs and the blessed 100-degree heat of the low granite rock outcropping.

The truck was loaded down with Dad’s 30-year old termite-ridden black-acacia planks for a wood-shop project.  In the Islands they call it Koa wood, and some of the figure is brilliant.  I bought some orange termite-killer at Ace and doused the pile hoping to kills the pasty white grubs that crawled among the sawdust.  I’ll get some more tomorrow.

A large gray-brown cloud-stack loomed above the ridge-line with a top-knot of cumulus – the King fire started up Friday (?) up by Pollock Pines, off King of the Mountain Road to the south-west of Highway 50 and evacuations were taking place.  We worry when we see this – but this is something you can see, unlike say, an earthquake – or anything the brain-dead pathetically abysmal One-Party Stupidslature in Sack-o-Tomatos might cook-up… They torpedo you in the dark of night and don’t even bother to call it, “Watching the Submarine Races.”  Idiots and microcephalics.

Cooler temps are forecast and even some rain, so that will help the CalFire guys and gals on the fire-line.  Maybe we can get a morning dump-run in before the afternoon temps come back to cook.

UPDATE: this was my 1911th post…rack the slide, lock-and-load.


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