Mysteries of the Garden

We set-to raking up the hay on the south forty. Actually pine needle. A thickly layered thatch about six to eight inches deep derivative from the last Century – or at least five years old. Possibly older. It lent a rustic flair to the outward appearances but that could also be construed as unkempt, and if there’s anything we’re going for now it’s kempt. And beneath that initial fluffy top-layer we discovered a good three-inch mat of icky-nasty mildew and mold and green-growing stuff with powdery white around the edges. What? Probably not good to breathe that stuff.
And found water dribbling down the hillside. What?? So I dug a little deeper up around the top, below the rocky ledge, and came across a set of four valves and pipes sticking out beneath the pine-tree, and one was operational when the sprinkler-station #8 was going off – which is why we found it at 9:00AM in the 80-degree heat. We thought. I dug-out and tested each valve and they all had water behind them – and testing later in the day they all also had water behind them – so who-knows how long this has been bubbling…

UPDATE: Mystery Dripper Revealed: from far right, circuits #8, #6,, #7 and #5 all let loose upon command – now shut-down. Should save a few gallons each cycle…

So in the end we raked down about sixteen 32-gal. leaf-bags and filled them and hauled off to the locals-only land-debris station over by the firehouse. Two firemen were outside practicing their weight training. One had his feet on an elevated platform with his head downhill while the other placed huge round weights from the weight-set on his shoulders. Looked painful. We like and respect the firemen here because fire and houses burning-down is a tactical reality in the woods. Their job is invaluable to homeowners. Most of the old towns have been burnt-down more than once since the Gold Rush era, so real-old stuff just doesn’t remain. And in the Modern-era” the hippies and Ecoweenies like to let all the forest debris pile up into tinder-dry kindling and have doubled-down on the prevalent danger by refusing to allow understory cleanup or removal of dead trees – and that’s one of the reasons why the recent fires have been so wild and devastating – they don’t want us here. Or even on the Planet.
We also tore out and loped-back much of the witches-brew plant, that hair-nasty spiky plant-thing that nobody knows the name-for.


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3 thoughts on “Mysteries of the Garden

  1. Finding manual valves at a remote location is a bit odd. Typically, they are used in primary locations and exist to de-water systems, or isolate part of a system or an object. To have them be the terminus of a line, especially greenery watering, is not normal.
    Is this at/near the crest? They may have been intended as part of a larger system that never got finished.

    • It’s way down near the bottom, overlooking the hillside drop-off. We think they had originally run drip-lines out to the vegetation on the verge so it could get watered on odd/even days…

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