The base of low-hanging fruits

If he really wanted ~real~ change Obama should have skipped the whole ACA balderdash thing with all its failed Exchanges and gone straight at Medicare fraud with all his militarized jackboot bureaucrats.  That would have been a uniting move with bi-partisan support.

He could have easily stimulated the economies of a boat-load of unemployed Obama-voting English Lit/Transgender Herstory majors by giving them employment in the jackboot club – and a badge looks a lot like the gold stars they are accustomed to receive.

But while such-like and the juice-box Mafia-Media flatter themselves to think they are his base, they are not.  His base is the Wall Street and Chicago smart-money guys with whom he goes golfing – and who benefit from the endemic fraud – that’s his base.


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4 thoughts on “The base of low-hanging fruits

  1. “…unemployed Obama-voting English Lit/Transgender Herstory majors…”


    Never have I seen such form in the backhanded bitchslap; nice foot position, lots of power with a pronounced snap at the hip and with perfect follow through.

    Felt that one all the way over here.

  2. Your rotating pictures just showed a really nice Kukhri. I just got one of those when my dad visited India recently. He was given it as a present at a village where he taught and passed it on to me since he isn’t that interested. It is really high quality, will chop through small branches on my apple trees with one stroke, and looks a lot like the one in your picture. How about an article on yours with some more pictures?

    • Hey thanks for visiting and for suggesting a post topic! I got that while we lived overseas there as a kid, many years ago – my dad was teaching too. 🙂

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