Mobility Issues

While things and work around the place are progressing, I am somewhat constrained.  The right knee is having a extended duration flare-up of tendonitis at the inner-knee location where the tendon adjoins the fibula – or whatever.  Hurtz.  It makes it difficult to Operate Tactically and do my  usual Ninja-riffic Tacti-O-Rama Flying-Gunstrike Fu, with three holsters.

Instead I am back to a brace, ice, ibuprofen, and a tactical-wobble that works as a hobble.   I’m not running away from trouble if it rears its shaggy awful head because I just can’t.  I might shuffle.  Or duck.  Or crawl – no that hurts too.  And all of it puts me to mind of ALL the Gun-Fu theatrics that I can’t hope to begin to emulate.  So the Mind becomes the weapon, instead of an inanimate object imbued with juju, mojo, and a significance outside its own envelope.

Go forth and keep your magazines loaded.

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10 thoughts on “Mobility Issues

  1. Regarding the knee problems: Do you do anything with them in bed? I have a small, slim pillow that I was using between my knees when I sleep. Occasionally, it would end up under the lower knee, on the mattress. That knee would then give me problems during the next day. A few days in a row, and I was in trouble. I need to find that strap-on leg spacer I recall seeing advertized somewhere…


    • I’m more comfortable with a normal size pillow under my knees, when sleeping on my back. My lumbar area tends to be happier with it also. Laying flat may approach hyperextension of the knees for some people. I usually wake up, if I can’t roll over. If not, I may not be walking very well, come morning!


  2. I came here to ask you an off-topic question I’ve wanted to ask for a while (your Not Clausewitz suggests that you see “politics is the continuation of war by other means?” Eh?) and discovered you have an oddly similar complaint in your right knee that I have in my left.

    My Inner left knee joint capsule has been irritating me for a bit more than a month (due something out of the blue during my exercise routine). Tendinitis.

    My extremities chiropractor took some x-rays and it showed where the lower tibia is twisted a bit counter-clockwise (yours might be clockwise twisted) from the axis of the femur.

    She’s been realigning and it is instantly feeling better, but it still shifts back after a short while. Repeated treatments (plus some K-T tape she applied) and an IT band I purchased from Big 5 keeps it stable. It’s gradually getting to where I can exercise a bit — but not too much. Maybe it might be worth considering. Og has benefited from something similar from a local extremities chiro, but his issues are much worse than ours.


    • Thank-you Pascal!! Sounds similar: the “button” (knob/location?) where the inner-knee tendon seems to attach, is inflamed and tender. In all the yard-work I/we have been doing has involved a lot of squatting, and then lifting too – to save the lower-back from problems, and it also helps to be low to the ground to identify where works needs to be done. But the lifting may have cause the flare-up. Ice and compression help, and just not being overly busy too.
      In the meanwhile We haven’t found a chiro up here (there’s no shortage of ’em though), and have been hoping to rid ourselves of the suburban maladies so often associated with local complaints by working it out. Works for my wife better than me I guess. I think even (our) Kaiser Med. may cover chiro stuff now…
      Putting you in the link bar, OK? 🙂


    • Yes, The Button. When I pressed on that in the beginning it was REALLY nasty. The treatments have helped that, but my stability still needs that little IT band that I use most of the day and take off at night. I went back to exercise Friday and wished I didn’t when I twisted it again after about 45 minutes. Going slower now.

      I also iced it with an ice pack held in place with an ace bandage — and burned the skin on the other side from the knob (on the outer knee just below the cap). Stupid, stupid, stupid — for being lazy and not moving it after a few minutes. Took about a week for that to heel using muciprin cream.


    • I’ve been using a circular doughnut-type “Pea” ice-pack from CVS – two in rotation actually, they thaw fast and won’t freeze-burn, and in-between for compression a “Futuro” elastic knee-band thing. Also Arnica gel as a topical analgesic. It’s homeopathic Montana-something. Omega-3 supplements are supposed to help with inflammation, besides the ibuprofen – as is ~fiber~, which is a whole ‘nother story, but functional and effective!
      This whole episode-thing is too reminiscent of the bursitis flare-up on my elbow two years ago when I turned in the narrow shower and whacked it on the tile-wall. It blimped-up like A SOFTBALL.


  3. This is how “Sam Colt made them equal.”

    And why it’s important.

    My once upon a time instructor in bladed weapons was cripplingly disabled with arthritis in his 40’s. His wife tells the story of them walking in an inner-city park, he with the assistance of arm-brace crutches, when approached by 3 ne’er-do-wells intent on relieving him of any surplus trade goods. His side of the discussion went something like, “Boys, I’m too old, too slow and too fat to dance with you today, so I’ll just have to kill you as fast as I can reach you. Or you can leave.”

    They left.

    For those of us without a black belt in ninja-fu, the modern sidearm is the appropriate last resort in such situations. Keep them clean and loaded, and carry them. My wife jokes that she can always tell when I’m armed. I asked how? She said, “If you’re wearing anything more than underwear, you’re armed.” She’s not wrong.


    • Rob Allen’s motto of “Pants Free” isn’t just about pants, it’s about carry-ability. In this county it’s welcome to have a Sheriff who goes appropriately shall-issue. It’s one of the main reasons we moved here.


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