6.1 Exciter

It seems we DID move far-enough away, and onto a rock outcropping, so we felt nothing and our sleep was undisturbed.   Watching the morning newscast with a hint of panic in the audio, it also seems apparent that some of the news-readers and standup camera-bodies chattering away are not originally from around here – or are so young then don’t remember Loma Prieta, which was 25 years ago.

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  1. I’m pretty sure Moffett is on fill land. Virtually all the flat land near water, around the bay, is fill. The bay surface used to be about twice as large. As they discovered, it acts just like a liquid with certain types of earthquake energy. I watched waves roll through a blacktop parking lot at Calaveras and 680 in that ’89 ‘quake.
    The local geologists/earthquake experts claim that was the first time it occurred around here, but they’re wrong. I saw the same waves/parking lot routine in Sunnyvale back around ’80. Working at Rocky Cycle, near 237 and Lawrence Blvd (block away from UPS). Cracked the walls of that warehouse.

    That has to be the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen it twice! Watching waves running through the ground is just bizarre. Brings to mind the movie “Tremors”, when the worms push the ground up as they moved through it, except there were multiple waves, like in water.

    I wonder if they would have believed me, if I had run up to Menlo Park and talked to the people at the USGS office? Thinking of the people who died on the Cyprus Overpass in Oakland, and wondering if that could have been averted, with maybe 9 years for research and to convince politicians there was a real problem. Oh, well, hindsight…


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