Civilization, the Left, and outright Savagery

From Instapundit first, August 15, 2014 – TIM BLAIR: Civilization vs. Barbarians. (Good thing the kid didn’t wave a gun around, those things are dangerous and should be banned!)

And a recent interview with a Left-media hack: Hugh Hewett to Soledad O’Brien: How Do You Justify Taking Money From Terrorist Funders?

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3 thoughts on “Civilization, the Left, and outright Savagery

  1. I can guarandamntee it Soledad O’Brien would have a different, less nuanced answer if it had been about taking money from Der Sturmer or Die Volkischer Beobacter, or the Nuremburger Zeitung 80 years ago. Hypocritical, morally bankrupt evil Leftists.


    • Some pigs are more equal! They wouldn’t have any standards if they didn’t have many standards – and when they say.”It’s for the children” they mean THEIR children, the Tenured Apparatchik Children-Cadre…


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