Messing around in the basement

In the hot, dog-days of August we get around to more than just yard-work – even though that continues apace. The understory floors were a bit springy so I peeled them back to see what was up. Needs more beef.
basement dirt 

Now they’ll get 2×6 stringers to replace the bouncy pixie-stix you see, and 3/4″ ply decking instead of 3/8″ – and there’s also a small area behind the camera that needs to be brought up to the same level, and some outright weirdness simply needs to be removed…

I’ve got the cool mornings to demo this and after that I’m getting Real Qualified Licensed# help on this from my contractor buddy…

Meanwhile speaking of Outright Weirdness, WordPress has just changed its look-and-feel for making posts, and it’s uncomfortable.  Frankly it’s weird and unexpected – you’d think they’d let the users know in advance when they’re going to do a wholesale “upgrade” of questionable utility.  I don’t see how it serves to improve anything. Also the button to “Publish” seems to fail and they moved other things into stupid and unexpected locations. As a UI designer I smell a turd.

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7 thoughts on “Messing around in the basement

  1. Ok, that’s really weird. I have the “Add new post” page bookmarked, and when I click on it I go to the old style UI. When I am on my blog dashboard and click on “add new post” it goes to the new one, which is very… um… “new.” By which I mean, it sucks.


    • Be glad it’s not just you! 🙂 But this downstairs work will do a number of tricks including blocking and shoring up the safe… Or we could put the safe in a hole in the ground encased in concrete? My contractor buddy wants to set us up as winemakers – or beer-makers.
      I’m not so sure….


    • I’m thinking an in-the-ground safe might be subject to internal and/or external condensation. I’d suggest talking to experts on the subject.
      I’d be sort of inclined to dig a root cellar for it, but that may not be any better. I think it depends on ground qualities and temp swings, and depth, for all possible iterations of installation. Where’s a Pro From Dover, when you need one?


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