When it rains…

…you get flash-floods. Feast or famine. Hope you guys way up in Sierraville and also down in the Southland are OK. Maybe one day this state will have a water policy that’s intelligent rather than political,, but ever since the FIRST days of Olde-Californy when the “ditch-tenders” sold water to the get-rich wealthy miners, farmers couldn’t afford it and agriculture had to wait – the supply and demand situation has always been about mo’ money.

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2 thoughts on “When it rains…

  1. Yep, frenetic over-reaction is the typical Kali attitude… Meanwhile, they drain every reservoir in sight and build more stuff that needs water…


  2. A couple tens of miles away a few houses were washed away the other day when a flash flood came away. We had the “15th rainiest day on record” and canyons aren’t usually where you want to be when that happens. Luckily that’s good news for you folks downstream from Western Colorado. Though you might want to look out for random cars and tractors that were caught in the water.


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