Changes in Latitude

Since our new domicile lies in the Heartland of the Summer, just below Chaos Mountain and above the Sizzling Plain, we have been forced to adopt new strategies for age-old pursuits and habits: water is everything. Instead of wasting the nectar-fluid in long luxuriant showers I now wash-up quickly with a bucket. That altered another habit – the shower-shave ritual. Previously and for the past thirty-five years I shaved while I showered (luxuriantly), using a multi-bladed Gillette product to scrap the face smooth of every last nubbin, and occasionally draw blood.
Now I am reduced to driving a Norelco diesel mower across my visage while leaving bits of yard-waste everywhere – it’s not a golf-course quality shear anymore, but a rough-cut. Still I can more easily motor-off the top-fluff and attack the weird thickets of old-man whiskers that erupt from the ears and other untoward places without drawing a pint.
20-bucks a monthAdditionally there is another practice adopted a couple years ago to save beaucoup de gris-gris money. She Who Must Be Salon-Capitane does the #2 trim with some French equipment that is astonishingly pink. After four years, 20-bucks saved every month is plenty of ammo – close to a grand’s worth…


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