Pathways to Artificial Memory

Thinking back I am daunted and cannot begin to recollect all the misrepresentations, evasions, and elided by-passes that I was taught to believe as true, steps to a path taken that I cannot recall being guided-to. Like Frost’s “not-path,” I realize there was an un-taken way in the woods of guided preferences. Certain subjects lead to others to avoid, a gateway that should be kept shut and topics in conversation that was routed-around in avoidance. Others were outright directives, appeals to “justice” and lies to discriminate and divide loyalties by finding greater favoritism elsewhere. In other instances my own tendencies were taken advantage; a boy who read voraciously because other options for play were limited was given tracts of actual Soviet “educational” propaganda material. Here, read and enjoy… Some were mathematical and statistical corruptions of numbering – evasion by percentages – and I cannot keep up with all that false “Education” because it happened hermetically.
It was all encased in the supposed “naturally favorable,” and like a fish in a bowl of fancy water I just swam among things. I saw the diver caught in a clam emitting bubbles and it was perfectly natural that he was beneath a castle’s parapets next to a chest of treasure whose lid flopped open and closed rhythmically. In High School my AP American History teacher was a Marxist who did a better (or more thorough) job explaining how the ultimate collapse of Capitalism that depended on LABOR would come about, rather than anything having to do with the Civil War. Another classmate who was politically active and something of an apple in the School’s Administrative Establishment Eye, proclaimed his intention to be the first Socialist US President – well someone beat him to it.
Then there were the College Years where confirmation-bias was liberally sprinkled on everything – it would have worked better if I myself had transformed and become more cool and hip and with-it, but my outsider social-skills and overseas education somehow prevented that which I thought would be inevitable. Which is when the cracks first started to appear, when the supposed eventual inevitability of Events was drawn out into an event-horizon itself, and what was supposed to happen did not. The not-happening “revolution” was only taking place on a microscopic, personal scale among people with bad attitudes and limited approaches – they had no depth… Other things happened instead, and technology morphed the so-called immutable laws of Politics, rendering them or the lens that Liberals used to view things opaque. Gradually I began to grow-up again.
Areas that I have since had a chance to revisit slightly are those where the gaps and propaganda were inconclusive or simply papered over. I could tear into the causality and duration of the Great Depression with the guidance of Amity Shlaes’ work, “The Forgotten Man” – but when I bring up the obvious and the discrepancies to friends who suffered a similar brainwashing I get only hostility and defensive posturing. They have swallowed what I spat out, and the(ir) hook is deeply set. I could also re-visit the Great Awakening, of American spiritual and religious thought with “Liberty on the Waterfront” – where actual liberty was “walking-around” Liberty all itself – and still get the abject rebuttal of any religious knowledge by know-nothing absolutist Atheists. Meanwhile Economic History itself seemed to come un-glued, as the Left-centered dichotomy of Right and Left became manifestly inadequate explanations for popular and political behavior. Two sides of the same coin are fine and are required to buy a pack of gum, but a whole Currency requires a lot more than that, and as the Economics of Leftist Determinism crumbled I could see the actual architecture was vastly different… (end #1)


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4 thoughts on “Pathways to Artificial Memory

  1. Reading your Post 1 only adds to my day of distress….
    Earlier today, I received an email from my 9-year-old son’s school, crowing about their program to tackle “institutionalized racism” this coming year. (Last year it was “gender diversity,” which gave me the unhappy experience of my son announcing “I’m a girl now”).
    Of course, I know that the whole point of the institutionalized racism meme is to make those who are “privileged” feel guilty, make them willing to part with anything that someone else wants to take, and for them to unquestioningly obey their burgeoning Marxist overseers.
    My poor son has about one chance in a hundred of coming out of the other end of the school system with any ability to understand history, analyze the present or make a decision for himself. As a father, it tears me apart. Yet even if somehow, he’s one of the lucky few and emerges with an unbound mind, he would still only be one-out-of-a-hundred, wouldn’t he?
    We’ve already lost.

    • You know, you of all people should be a blogger! But if you want to really get wound-up about the Edu system and tear your hair out, Kevin Baker is no help…
      But I am optimistic when I go to the County fair here to watch a bunch of kids race wheelbarrows full of sand, when asked the question “What school do you attend?” More kids proudly answered, “I’m Home-schooled!” And they’re the ones getting into College on scholarships and challenging the status-quo.
      The Institutional Left is dead as dinosaurs, but they don’t know it yet.

    • I hope and pray that you are right.
      Thank you for keeping faith; I’m afraid mine is often waning.
      Miss you, pal.

    • I’m out here up-country, outside the bubble – things begin to look different and less cloudy. 🙂
      I know it’s flyover country to most, but I’m fine with that – and we’re both tired of the bloated, giant, tourist-filled low-landing behemoths crowding the overhead skies.

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