2-Inch Ball Hitch

After the success or rather, lack of utter failure/complete disaster/flaming-death of my/our 443 mile journey north towing the U-Haul trailer, I feel emboldened with can-do spirit! I now need to prove my manly big-dickedness by hauling a big-ass 5th wheel, mongo two-story triple-axle trailer – with bump-outs.
But no, really, no-thank-you because that would require a vehicle larger (and much more expensive) than we currently own. The red motorcycle will have to suffice for blue-pill expansionism.
See, everybody up here has trucks and mine is the smallest, so I must find some compensation since apparently owning guns is insufficient as a penile-elongator. Seriously, I could care less. Who’s going to be impressed by all that dually fat-back lane-passing hoopla twin-turbo diesel cat-back coal-stuffing but me? I need only satisfy myself.
However in this drought a lot of people seem to be selling-off their zoom-zoom lake boats, and I saw a nifty little in-board/out-board sitting on a petite trailer for the pocket-change of just $2k…. Naah! A boat is just a hole in the water into which you pour money. And DMV fees…


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2 thoughts on “2-Inch Ball Hitch

  1. lordy that was a stream of consciousness post. I was already thinking, ” the two happiest days in a boat owner’s life” before I finished reading it, but you came to your senses by the end of it. 😉

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