Emergency Gardening

Whilst in the Burg of Rose, up Olde Orgone Way, we had a landscaping emergency that required immediate tending-to. Rather than flit about between the Patchouli Wookies and Vegetarian Harly-riders visiting wineries, we opted to be stay-at-home budsmen and plant a few patchy stalks of Lavender and various other things.
The Middle-boy having completed four-something tours to the sandy non-Oasis and also the badlands of ‘Stan, had severed his ties to the Army and was off to the oilfields of Dakota’s – and his truck with him – which is why I was originally enlisted to haul the U-Trailer. The Seargeant-Eldest was north of Seattle and heading back to another training gig in 200-degree Arizona with the wife and girl-child, while the youngest was on the East Coast somewhere in between being a Medic and a Sous-Chef… With the boys gone Sister-In-Law was alone, overwhelmed, and with only a lousy car-type vehicle in which to haul a load of tanbark and other heavy soil amenities for the front landscape. So I drove my truck (to Lowe’s).
The house was originally owned and built by a Japanese couple, and the orientation was Feng-Shuei’d to face the wrong way, so we landscaped the drive-up side-front, and dug plants too – and added quick-connectors to the miles of garden hose that were strewn everywhere.
One of the things about Orgone first noticed and especially appreciated by a Californoodlian was the sheer abundance of water-water everywhere, and green plants instead of bone-dry brown. We hauled the hoses to various location and turned on the rain birds, and thus was sung the sound of Summer. Ka-shik-shik-shik-shik *ting* chew-chew-chew-chew-chew as the water sprayed in an arc. I love that sound.

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