107° in the shade

Well this is a new experience, but not unexpected or uncommon. In the morning we hauled a mass of junk out of the “basement” and piled it up under the Redwood tree for a dump run. Old bits of plastic-wood decking, a junky old metal shelving unit, some weird fibrous peg-board pieces that looked suspiciously like a bunch of ceiling tiles from a cubicle farm, pieces of pipe and threaded metal rod, pieces of plastic, a half box of bathroom tile, weird lattice/rack things of unknown purpose with aluminum tubes and plastic end-fittings: junk – and it was 90° at 10:AM.
After a lunch at Mike’s Grill up Pleasant Valley Road, we headed up to Camino to see when the apples would be coming in – we’re a month and a half early. Came home to turn on the misters and hit the deck – 42° Centigrade. Haven’t been in temps like this much sine the last time I was down in Madras, now called Chennai – and today it’s only 31° there.
Actually do-able on the deck with a cold beverage and the mister running. Sweet!
UPDATE: 92.3°F at 8:22PM. 33.3°C – that’s still more than Madras today.

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One thought on “107° in the shade

  1. Yeah, strangely, I get back stateside and it’s about 79 degrees in KC when it’s usually about 100.

    When I left Deutschland, a day earlier it was 90 in Freiburg before ascending into die Swartzwald for some scenic touring.

    Oh well.


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