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ZQiCame across this interesting and certainly preiswert ammo at the Kaufhaus Der Kapitalismus last Sunday while out gathering a few things in the 100-degree heat. Seems like it would be fine blasting fodder in the NATO Ishapore. My buddy who had The Ishapore apart and re-parked said it might a few fouling shots to clear the chamber of crud…so this would be in keeping with that. At first I thought the “ZQ” designation was some kind of Zombie-appeal, but it turns out that it’s just foreign. MKE = Makina ve Kimya Endustrisi, (of Kurumu, Turkey)…
However the Interwebz chattering-class reports are varied. Some say that this Turkish FMJBT stuff is very good, other reports suggest it’s loaded hot. Interestingly on the box is the claim, “lot tested to assure less than one minute of angle at 100 meters.”
The Ishapore Arsenal actually uses very good steel and the No. 1 Mk III* was re-designed for the Nato 7.62 round – it’s not a conversion from the .303’s already in existence, so I shouldn’t be too worried… And I have another one in .303 that I’ll bring along to the Rendezvous for comparison purposes.
Old Ishy

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  1. I don’t understand the “fouling shots” to clear the chamber. This seems like a bad idea. If it is fouled clean it first. Why not use a chamber brush in .308? Generally available at any gun show with a surplus stuff dealer.


    • Thanks for reminding me about that and you’re right, a material-fouled chamber could also raise pressures dangerously. My friend is an accuracy nut and I guess “fouling shot” should be substituted by “fire-lapping” or bore-conditioning like the David Tubb “Final Finish” bullets. I’ll have to get in touch with him, it’s been a while anyhow!


    • I bought some .303 British just to have the brass. I’m gonna have to reload to make it cheaper. I bet my brother has a stash of ancient .303 British, he’s a hoarder! Also I believe I can make it from Krag brass but that’s hardly a cost-benefit either, except I already have a stack of that… Hey thanks for dropping by!


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