Another Bluewall

Got the end-wall done. It dries fast in 96-degree heat. Cutting-in was a bit of a stretch on the ceiling and around the window-seat area, I needed to re-mud some sections and smooth out the dings and dents. Soon the motor-car can re-begin to park inside – when it gets back from the shop – from repairing (replacing) the 20-yr old wasted clutch and lousy flywheel. $$ Ouch! $$


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3 thoughts on “Another Bluewall

  1. Check for play in the clutch pedal when the engine is revved up. Some setups lose their clearance at speed, and the throwout bearing starts to unload the pressure that clamps the disc. This can cause slippage, that you may or may not notice, which will shorten the life of the clutch assembly and flywheel. Quite often the throwout bearing gives up the ghost first, with this sort of misadjustment. There must be sufficient initial play at the pedal to accommodate this growth in stack height. Even hydraulic systems have adjustments in the pedal setups.

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