Globular Warming and 1st Aid

We have a patch of heat sitting overhead and it’s 102° 104° in the shade. I’m sitting inside luxuriating in the A/C while re-working the Bug-Out Med Kits with some new additions including a bigger zippered-pouch to contain all the bandages and bits, when I remember a remark on gunshot care: that you need two of everything, not (just) because one-is-zero and two-is-one etc., but because gunshot wounds usually come in pairs, the entrance and the exit. So I need FOUR of everything, or even more… Oh great, more Israeli bandages to order and QuickClot! Got some nifty scissors on the way but they’re not here yet. Really want to take a class in this stuff and LMS Defense has a Tactical Wound Care class in August, up in Oroville. I wonder who else does this nearby? Maybe we can gin-up something for the Rendezvous…?

UPDATE: Back only into the high 90’s today – ten degrees cooler than yesterday’s high of 106° – but the debris bins are full so this To Be Continued Later…


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