Attack on Southside Rosemary

It’s all terribly leggy and the green bits are a mere flourish at the end of a 20-inch bare stalks. Much is dead, and so not attractive – and a host to vermin. The big lumpy overgrown thicket tumbling down the back hillside revealed a shed lizard-skin about 7-inches long. At first we thought it was a rattle-snake skin, but the little feet were evidence otherwise.
Temps hovered in the 90’s with only a light breeze, quite a change from the mild low 80’s of just a few days ago when a Pacific storm drew the delta-breeze up into the mountains and it rained across the whole Sierra. No before and after pics, but we chopped and hacked and when the fragrant branches went into the green-waste bin I chopped even more to mince the bits into a fine hack – more room for more green-waste. One mouse no longer has habitat to hide in.

Tonight is the “Summer Spectacular” – the week before the 4th of July when a party is held down at the lakeside and then fireworks are launched as darkness falls. Some say it’s a better fireworks display than even that up at Tahoe, for us the ability to watch it from the deck at near deck-height is a big bonus – but the street below becomes crowded with big trucks as families drive up to tailgate and watch from our elevated vantage point. I’ll post some pics of that.


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  1. Sounds like you’re almost there… 🙂 Enjoy the fireworks and watch out for the idjits that brought their own. I’d have a charged hose handy just in case!

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