Desolation Wilderness – RIP Louis Awerbuck

Terrible news, and I am truly saddened, we have lost a Great One. He was like my college fencing instructor – an Olympian in mind and reach. Louis’ instruction was so dense and rich with knowledge that you could chew upon it all day and still be left with a full plate – and wonder where to put your cartridges…
I am terribly saddened.
He was absolutely brilliant, and I am grateful to God for the two classes I attended. His gracious attempt to impart serious knowledge to his dumb-struck, half-blind, ass-head students was like Hercules cleaning the Augean stables. Young and Old both, we had so much stupid crap stuck in our flaccid brains that he had to fix first – so much to work through before he could even get to the instruction itself.
I am desolate.
He was more than a Jedi, a Jedi should wash his feet. As Tam posted: “They say that when an old man dies, a library burns. We have lost Alexandria.” -John Hearne


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3 thoughts on “Desolation Wilderness – RIP Louis Awerbuck

  1. Sad to lose these human treasures. I never met Mr. Awerbuck, but always assumed I would “one of these days.”
    In the same vein, I was just informed today that my uncle Bob, a real-life rocket scientist (in charge of Mariner and several other projects) died recently. I hadn’t seen him in decades, but meant to take my son down to meet the family legend “one of these days.”
    It’s a tired maxim, but life truly is short. If you mean to do something, do it.

  2. Sadly I never had the pleasure of a class with him. But may he RIP. He leaves one helluva legacy!

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