Taste of Tahoe Two

So we ran up to the Lake in the Sky in the AM and spent a few nights at the cabin. Upon arrival after ditching the gear we hied ourselves over to the Heavenly Gondola and made the ascent to 9,200-odd feet and an incredible view from the south, with the mid-afternoon sun just beginning to make the shadows interesting. Lunch was a rather mediocre affair of Marriott’s semi-sub finest and a tri-tip sandwich that was more bread than meat, paired off with a decent wine. Plus I had to stow the Sig in the vehicle’s 14-gauge steel lock-box before – and the concomitant details of further regulation: like dropping the mag and separately stowing the ammo in its own, locked container…sheesh, which really makes carry a bit of a pain.
Gondola to Heavenly
The next day we searched for the road to Rubicon, but got caught in a maze of back-streets in the Homewood/Sunnyside nexus and wound up instead at a fine resort which had multiple other locations, including a few we had enjoyed on Maui and Kauai. Quite the ritzy Island-surfer old-money neighborhood where the West-Coast swells with inherited lake estates and Wooden Boats gather… And then we went home to finish the Garage Project – woot!


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12 thoughts on “Taste of Tahoe Two

    • Most of the pictures are on my wife’s camera, my cell-phone camera is marginal… I’ll get some pics up, but the vista everywhere is almost too enormous.

    • And being family-friendly full of children (shorthand for clueless yuppies with kids)- but the view from the observation platform was incredible!

    • Hey! Don’t forget that without those distracting children, nobody will be able to bankroll your future Social Security and Medicaid benefits.
      And don’t back-talk me about not needing SS, or the system’s going to go bankrupt, or whatever. Bottom line is, 1) The human race needs kids to replenish itself and 2) They are the only hope for our future.
      IMHO, the truly clueless are the yuppies who have chosen not to have kids because it might detract from their self-centered lifestyle (or in the case of some arm-candy wives, their figures). Please don’t join them in their mindless child-bashing, which I’ve honestly heard too much of lately.

    • Seriously “Child-bashing”-?? Well behaved children are always a joy, as even the Victorians knew, but are seldom encountered in the Affluent Liberal Fleshpots.

    • Quoting the author: “shorthand for clueless yuppies with kids.”
      I dunno, that doesn’t exactly sound like “children are a joy” to me… But you know what, I almost got into a physical altercation today with a couple of Yup assholes who yelled at my kid for bouncing a G-d basketball in the street outside their G-d house. So yeah, maybe I’m over-sensitive, but I really AM sick of all these selfish pukes who want the world all to themselves.
      And all I asked was that you not join in their mindless chorus.

    • Now that we’re no longer in a condominium we have a lot more exposure to kids around – and we’re fine with it because up here they’re so well behaved. When we encounter rudeness and selfishness it’s typically adults who exhibit it — like the goateed 60-somethigns in spandex on $2,000 bicycles in the middle of a narrow, crowned, country road where only their massive sense of entitlement says they belong. But I don’t get into altercations with anybody, I have to behave since I drive a big truck and have a greater responsibility on the road than a pipsqueak on a pedal bike. 🙂

    • Okay, okay. I’ll take a chill pill and back off for awhile. The country is literally approaching the brink and all I am getting is jackasses yelling at me about trivial crap. And I am too stressed out to just let it go; instead, my bulldog comes out and gets me into more trouble. So forget it; forget I said anything.

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