Hippies never prosper

Progressive Backlash: A moron-driven “Progressive-Populist” (which are neither) November ballot measure put up by San Francisco’s Board of Stupidvisors to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour in an already outrageously expensive city has restaurant owners in the city furious, and determined that they will have to raise their prices as a result. Some estimates range from $7 for a bottle of beer and $9 for a cup of soup.

The ballot also approved legislation that would amend the city’s universal health care law so employers will not be able to reclaim money targeted for their employees’ health care if the funds went unspent.

In a display of incomprehensible Socialost Assclownery by the Stupidslature, “For city officials, the twin victories were reason to raise a glass in celebration of workers’ rights.” Let that one sink-in, oh City-On-A-Fault-Line… Completely nutty Mad-hatters, I’ll never spend a dime in that toxic hell-hole again, ever.

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3 thoughts on “Hippies never prosper

  1. 7 bucks for a bottle of beer? It had better come with a topless floor show or I’m driving across the state line for dinner.
    I can see it now. Just like my childhood days when liquor by the drink was illegal in Texas and you had to sneak in your flask and order a coke in which to pour your Jack.
    …not that I had a flask in my childhood…as far as you know. My story, I’m sticking to it.


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