Thunder at the Lake!

Actually “Thunder in the Park” car-and-bike show this year was held at the lake – and no aircraft – but the neighbors in the Air-park were holding a neighborhood garage sale, so we drove around looking at all their stuff too.
First up a really sweet Triumph Rickman Metisse flattracker (owned by Pettibone Sr.):
Triumph Rickman Metisse flattracker
Then a Super-Bee, or something: Super BeeAlways surprising how little extraneous crap was under the hood back in the day.
The lake view, the runway is over to the left, glide-path straight ahead…It’s big enough to land a seaplane, I think.: The Lake
This guy made a number of passes:P-51 FlyoverBecause...FUN!Because…FUN! They were down at Mather with the B-29 and came up to visit,, or else he’s just one among many.
At the airpark a cute mailbox that might belong to you-know-who:Mailbox
And some cool old stuff parked-up:Boeing
There were a surprising number of garages/hangers that were literally stuffed chock-a block with more planes than you could expect, a Pitts Special in one next to two other planes, for example.
And this guy – I’m pretty sure he gets up a lot, I believe I’ve seen him come over more than a few times.
I get around
There were a few planes with cobwebs and tarps but other neighbors are very active. Yesterday a sweet old Stearman came in and then drove up and parked in his house-hanger. I love it here. Maybe gonna fix-up my mailbox like that – or build a few and sell them at the Christmastime Faire…?

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  1. FWIW, yes, I think I used to land in lakes considerably smaller than that (in a cub with floats).


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