70 Years Ago Today

D-Day Good Guys
We owe them a debt we cannot repay, and evidently under this Administration are also unwilling to.

On the 25th Anniversary of D-Day I was eleven and we were in Europe driving-around and returning from life overseas, and Dad made sure we drove to the Omaha Beach Cemetery.

It was so huge it was overwhelming, and there was another cemetery nearly just as big around the corner…and it was a very moving place to stand in the thick grass amid so many-many white crosses.  Uncountable.  My older brother and I were most impressed to see the Star of David so frequently as a monument to fallen Jewish GI’s.  The Holocaust was a lot of what the war against National Socialism was all about – the Nazis’ abject denial of basic humanity earned them a special place in hell.  Illustrating the Star of David, from the Blog “Out and About in Paris.” here’s a link to the story of Pvt. John A. Daum.

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