Aces and Eights

Bad hand.  In a show of complete and utter disdain for our Military and their families, and for soldiers who have died fighting to preserve real Freedom from one end of the globe to another – in swamps and deserts, hot malarial jungles and the hedgerows of Europe, we traded a Quisling for five murderously bad actors with smelly beards.  Rabid dogs all who should have been shot down, traded for a collaborator-creampuff, a disgrace to ballerinas everywhere.

Oh great, and they did that one week away from the 70th Anniversary of the Allied landing on Fortress Europe that swept back the black-tide of National-Socialism, an ideology that still remains popular in the Middle East, where this all started…

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5 thoughts on “Aces and Eights

  1. It is beyond bad taste. This guy was a deserter at the very least; quite possibly a traitor and collaborater. (Interesting to note that your blog’s spell-checker flags the word, even though it’s spelled correctly. We’ll probably have to purge “Quisling” out of the vernacular next.)
    Being under arms in a war zone is not even remotely like any other job. You can’t just quit when the workload gets overwhelming or call in sick when you’re pissed at upper management. Every other person in your unit depends on you for their survival. And if they have to track you down, they’re likely to take hostile fire (as indeed happened with this POS Bergdahl, who got several of his buddies killed that way).
    So there is a good reason why deserters have traditionally been shot. And that is exactly what should be done with this POS, but won’t. Instead, a bunch of people will now die at the hands of these terrorists we released.
    This is not the Army I served in, nor the country I served. What a complete and total clusterfuck.


    • Reports indicate that even more of our guys died in various Taliban attacks when intelligence assets were re-directed to pursue leads about his whereabouts, assets that would have been better used to protect our guys than his ass.
      Now Obama wants to have his own “Winter Soldier” with Kerry is getting long in the tooth.


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