Sometime between dreams and waking I decided that Today was Day-1 for me. We had some errands to run and a Periodontal visit for my wife. So I hitched up the P245 and asked if the gun made my butt look fat, and she said, “What gun?” – and then off we went. At the ultimate hardware store I picked up some bunting for 4th of July, along with some bumpers for the base of the umbrella stands and a door-damper, then at another downtown shop some jalapeño flavored olive-oil, and finally down the street at the army surplus-shop a Gadsdan flag and a 7.62 ammo can. People smiled and dogs were well behaved. Old people stepped into the street and cars stopped to let them pass. No fights broke out and everything was without incident. Then off to Home Depot for MOAR tanbark! Six bags full, and some insect-spray… When my wife was done I picked her up, and we stopped on the way home at the grocery store to grab some milk and pork chops, and a couple steaks. Guns themselves don’t cause anything untoward to happen.
Sig P245

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7 thoughts on “EDC CCW

  1. Welcome to the club; it is a shame that it took CA so long to get with the program. I’m not least bit worried about blood in the streets in your neighborhood.

    Still remember the first day that I carried, even though it was a long time ago. Felt like everyone was looking at me; probably because I was young (21). Went to the mall with my girlfriend and kept looking in every mirror to see if it was visible. Now, with me and the wife carrying everyday, it is not a foreign concept to our daughter or friends. Just wish that everyone had the opportunity to carry without having to jump through hoops.



  2. Wait, what? Ya mean to tell me them evil guns didn’t just leap right out of their hidden hiding places and go all bangity bang and murderate all them innocent chillins out there? Why I’m truly shocked – why ‘everybody knows’ they are just killing machines waiting to unleash untold horror all over the place……………(was I snarky enough in parroting the lines of the hoplophobes?)


  3. Good Lord!! Here in my town today a man carried a 1911 into an outdoor jazz lunch, a local gym, a shopping mall, a bank, a library and nothing happened. WTF?


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