Lifting the Skirt to the Emerald Jewel

Friday we got up early and attacked the lower branches of another shrubbery, the name of which remains unknown. It’s a tall (now) thing with abundant criss-cross growth throughout its midsection, and small yellow-white flowers that have a great attraction to the honeybees and small wasps. The leaf is index-finger long-ish, three times the length as width, and semi-serrated olive-green with a point. And it was like everything else, well overgrown – and tough. The dead branches required the big Fiskars lopers with the gear drive – 4X the power! The big (2″ diameter) about-to-be-dead branches required the Swedish bow-saw. And so we hacked and cut, and I squatted in the under-canopy nipping this and that, until finally a shape emerged with ankles (or cankles?).
Much mo’ betta – and it was about eleven thirty when I emerged from the shower with a voice mail. Who could be calling? My Uncle, and from Tahoe! He and may aunt had traveled from Marin Wednesday, and opened up The Cabin for the season! So without much concern or even Lunch (!), we hopped in the truck for a quick drive up to the South Shore. It’s been a long time since I made this drive, too long.
Friday on a long-weekend and Highway 50 should be awful busy – but it was not. Perhaps the snow on Monday had cooled people’s ardor, but vehicles were light and the road was an absolute delight to navigate, with easy sweeping turns where the speeds were high and even easier sweeping turns alongside the river and through the canyon where speeds were moderate – but never slow. There were only a few of those monstrously oversize fifth-wheel trailers to pass along the way – only a few trailers at all really, hauled fast by big Dodge trucks with enormous motors. We didn’t suffer from traffic congestion or crawling, and made it up in about an hour to the emerald jewel of the Sierras and the renovated old (1904?) log-cabin just a few blocks from the lake.south tahoe panorama
Unfortunately the neighborhood down by the lake where the small perimeter road runs along the frontage (several blocks from their place) has deteriorated into drug-squalor – like Santa Cruz – and I saw more “homeless” guys than in recent memory anywhere else. “Tolerance” as practiced by the Liberal Left has its limits, until it simply turns into blinkered, unseeing condition-white.  “Tolerance” in the face of evil is sheer stupidity.  Damn it’s too bad, but there are more parts of Tahoe that are better and we will return.  Left around 4:00PM with thunder-bumpers forming-up over the top of Echo Pass summit (7,377 feet) and even less west-bound traffic on the way back – it was all a jam heading the other way though!

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    • My Aunt related a story of a little-old-lady friend who’s son gave her a revolver which she kept in the glovebox…and when pulled-over for speeding, talked the Cop out of ~BOTH~ tickets (speeding and concealed)! And my Uncle (Mom’s older brother & former Sea-Bee) was OK with my CCW permit – he never saw one before. I explained that El Dorado was a shall-issue county, and Tahoe ~is~ in El Dorado County…


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