Back to the Green Blow-Torch

We have a few days of cool weather and a breeze – mid 70’s instead of mid 90’s just like that. With the wildfires down in San Diego in mind a lot of people are clearing defensible space – and the local Disposal Company invited everyone with a free yard-waste day. We did that and jumped-in on another go at the Juniper – time for a haircut and a bonsai!
I just hope no weird juniper-fumes get up in my sinuses and cause another brown-phlegm attack…
UPDATE: Took a truck-load to the goats.
Update-Update: MONDAY – More cleanup – raking up the duff and needles and scattering them as erosion control on the decomposed granite hillside.

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2 thoughts on “Back to the Green Blow-Torch

    • And if we decide to plant something else we can more easily yank these bastards out of the ground! 🙂 Meanwhile wind and weird weather: snow up in Tahoe.


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