Awoke sore and achy wondering what had hit me until I rolled over and mentioned it – and She replied with the same aches in the same places – could only mean one thing: Golf.  Had not swung that wild club in over a year or more, and the 2nd day of after weird exercise is always the one that catches you out.

Better remember to limber up next year. Meanwhile the sinus and goober Infitada has waned substantially today, with all signs pointing towards clearing-up instead of a tumor or worse.  After a week of yucky green and streaky stuff with post-nasal sore-throat, and now with the advent of a high-pressure system overhead (hot weather) I had not expected this result. Yay! Ow!

All the yardwork last week and prior, out in the “garden” turning over rocks with clearly mildewy residue beneath – and wind – and then hauling them around in the Little Green Deathwagon – something must have insinuated itself in my nasal cavity and begun to fester.  Fortunately (I suppose?) my strength was not depleted and my body rallied.

The murky brown haze that hung over the Lost City of Sacrament yesterday has been replaced by a wall of hot, steel-gray haze – the city is gone nowas far as anyone can tell.  Hill-country temps escalating into the upper 90’s, the whole Valley is gone too – as if we are alone in an oasis of Heat.  So this is what retirement is like: now I must wander out sweltering, hitched-up in high-waisted pants with a good section of sock showing, and find someone younger than me to badger.

UPDATE: And today (Friday) is better yet, and I need to get some seat-time on the bike.

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