Gorillas in the Mist

Sittin’ out on the deck at 4:00-something PM with cold drinks (Newcastle Brown Ale myself) in the 93.2 94 degree heat, we’re enjoying the cooling vapors of the Misty Mate Cool Patio Deluxe Outdoor Misting Kit (courtesy of Costco) that I put-up this morning – before the sun got too high overhead and before I had to get all sweaty cutting-back more pittosporum growth.
I spliced the supply line into a duplex hose-bib and zip-tied it to the downspout through a short connector, then ran the line of misting nozzles (spaced 2-feet apart) underneath the sun-side eaves. With proper volume-adjustment they emit a fine vapor that practically evaporates on contact.  It is so much cheaper than putting-in a pool, pennies on the Hundred-dollar, and low-flow water-use as well.  I’m gonna add another run on the other side of the house where the morning coffee lounge-chairs await, for when it’s 90-degrees at 10AM…
The awful city of Sacramento lies in a pallid brown haze far in the murky distance. Hate that place. Can’t imagine what those poor bastages who ran the 3rd Stage of the Amgen Tour went through yesterday… Well I can because I had to do it all the time in this heat, from Shopper’s Corners with a full backpack of food and groceries up to High Street past the University entrance, on a Schwinn Varsity with the special cast-iron frame and butt-cracking seat.


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One thought on “Gorillas in the Mist

  1. FrontSight had some rest shelters with those misters, back when I took some classes in ’96. They were outside of Bakersfield. Worked well, especially since they were having record heatwaves that year. Not sure if they use them at their NV site, since they don’t normally hold day classes during the summer. Last class I took there, it snowed on the pass between Pahrump and Vegas. That was a very cold class! For most of the class, I shot from concealment, which was an army field jacket with liner. The liner tends to get caught on the gun, so lots of sweep to fling it out of the way. Weight in the pocket, and it would bounce off my back, if done correctly.

    I don’t much care for the Amgen Tour. They ran past my place the first year. Lot of hoopla and traffic hassle, all for about 5-10 seconds in sight. I was up on the roof, and got lots of bathroom requests. Let a small group of children/students with minder use it, but decided I wasn’t going to deal with it again. Next time, I stood near the curb to view the race. Boring. I don’t bother anymore.

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