Eleven (plus ninteen)

The morning dawned cool and a bit misty overall – you could actually see the humidity in the air after the recent rain, and that added a chill. After a quick breakfast and some chores we ran down to Folsom to the bank and Costco for a few supplies, including a *cheap!* bottle of 12-year old Zaya. Should go well in the tiki cocktail tonight.

Returning home we unloaded the F-150 then ran uphill to Hangtown for lunch. Traffic was light and the CHP had only one speeder pulled-off to the side of the road. At Bricks, SHE had the seared pink-peppercorn Ahi salad while I had the Maui Chops – pork-chops with a pineapple-red-pepper salsa. Delish. Normally at this time – for the past ten years anyhow – we’d be three-thousand miles away, out in the middle of the Pacific having fresh-caught Ahi and real Maui pork-chops, but this year is different in so many ways.  Last year was the tenth – and now we are taking a bye on travel.

The Independent is another great Placerville eatery, but with something of an emphasis on drinks and bourbon-flavored this-and-that, I believe my abstimonious folks would like lower-keyed Bricks a little better – and there are more steak options on the menu to suite Dad – that is if/when we can get them to come up and visit. It’s a fairly long drive and my sister would have to do that part.

So, thirty years together means I managed to not f*k up big-time during the duration – and now we are here!

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  1. I remember as a young lad (around 2nd grade, 1960?) going to Poor Red’s with my parents. Had the ribs. Heh. Every ravenous kid should be served a meal that is bigger than they are at least once.


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