English Lavender

We ripped out a whole bunch of leggy (close to 3-feet), past-sale-date, old Spanish Lavender and installed six little 1/2-gal potted plantlings of English – it’s lower-growing and more fragrant variety called “Thumbalina.” Cute, not? If you’ve been here before you might recognize the next sentence fragment: rocks! We had to move, re-stack, and re-align rocks. Big rocks, small rocks, sooth rocks and rough rocks. Which is actually more fun than it sounds, and the sudden dip in the weather/temperature meant we were ripping-out the denuded lavender while it was cold annd before the bees started swarming around asking, “WTF are you doing to my bzzzz lavender?” And now the hidden pathway that was revealed last month is more well defined by Big Rocks, and the location of drip-line points (Station #8!) can be properly addressed. Yay.

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