Back to the Rocks

Yesterday dawned cold and overcast – 56-or something – but the rain had finally driven off over the mountains and it brightened up buy the afternoon. We were tired from all the work, so we kept it as a Day of Rest and to further relax went up the hill and over to our neighborhood dive-winery for the bottle-it-yourself special.

Today was bright and clear and also cool, so perfect for hauling rocks again. This is starting to get a bit boring, but we’re building muscle and doing cardio at the same time, so whatever. The patch along the street that needs filling-in is rapidly shrinking as we move rough rock (for in-fill) out from under the redwood tree where it’s combined weight on the roots and rooty-stuff is kinda not good. Today my Brainiac Wife lit-up and kicked-into high-gear, and at the orders of SHE I went into the garage and retrieved the big rubber wheel-chocks. Doh! This enables us to now fill the Little Green Deathwagon while it’s parked on the driveway’s steep-spot, without risk of runaway and damages. Doh!

There’s still the issue of gloves wearing out, and I noticed my long middle finger(s) pushing and wearing against the stubby-short accommodations of the Wells-Lamont Costco-specials. Surely someone makes gloves that fit prehensile finger-digits?

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3 thoughts on “Back to the Rocks

  1. The only gloves that ever fit my hands were Italian. My last riding gloves I had custom fitted by the girl at Helimot Leathers. Close to $200, IIRC. Just drove past their shop yesterday. Gone. Looks like a bike service shop there now. All new paint, maybe an addition on the building. Hmm, I’ll have to look them up.
    Yep, moved to Fremont. Looked in the Citybike mag I picked up last month.

    Does the yellow dye on those Costco gloves come off on your hands? Get them wet, and it just runs off the leather, IIRC.

    Tried the Mechanix brand gloves? Don’t forget Horror Fright Tools carries lots of gloves.


  2. Good luck with the rocks… Sooner or later you’ll get to the end of the pile! 🙂 And gloves? I doubt it… One size fits all seems to be the norm now…


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