Saddle Up the Red Baron!

Installed the passenger backrest with a minimal bit of fiddling – seems pretty solid, and used blue LocTite.

I wonder where I can get some lozenge-shaped Flying Circus decals?  Or some Bavarian blue and white diamond-pattern like on an Albatros DV or a Halberstadt CL – or a Roland C.II Walfish since it’s kinda “blimpy” shaped??

left sideright side









At any rate the look is good.


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10 thoughts on “Saddle Up the Red Baron!

  1. I don’t think the engine is “tight.” I think it’s a four-stroke with two big 550cc pistons, and you’re not used to such effective compression braking.
    Now, the drive train, THAT might be tight (I had to push one once, and man, that shaft had a lot of drag).


    • I’m having to get used-to a road-bike’s large footpegs/foot-rest – it’s a lot different than a dirtbike! Generally it’s all good – the engine is so tight that chopping the throttle induces a lot of engine-braking! I have to learn to be smoother.


    • I like using the brakes for braking, the motor for motoring. 😉 On my short wheelbase XR400 I was constantly fighting throttle sensitivity and my own weight standing up over the bars, and sometimes going over the bars – the KTM has better ergonomics for a tall guy.


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