Not much going on.  Rain clouds blew in this week and precipitation started falling mainly last night and into today.  Snow level is down to 4500 feet, so it’s cold and   we’re just 3100 feet shy of that.

We suspended operations on the rock-rolling and juniper-shredding while small maintenance issues continued with rock-walls fronting the street-side creek-like drainage.  Our renewed efforts lead to much tiredness and the re-awakening of old injuries, so back to Costco for more Osteo Bi-Flex and more leather gloves, and other rudimentary solutions – like more red wine.  It’s the tannins and antioxidants in the crush, right?

Meanwhile the Red Baron’s backrest is scheduled to arrive so work on that can continue in the massive 3-car garage.  The weepy fork had it’s oil-sleeve-cap thing raised, and I swabbed around the oil-seal with a couple old business cards.  The oil seepage could just be a result of altitude variations, like when you go up in height a couple thousand feet and your water bottle emits a big squeak.  Anyhow there’s no damper-rods or valving in the forks, so the oil-quantity is just a stiction reducer.  That lead me to look at various arcane BMW-specific boinger things, with names like Wilbers, Yacuba, Hagon and the much beloved and dearly priced Öhlins.  But with well less than 10k on the Showas there’s no reason to go that route yet, and Her Ladyship has already done The Tonne (literally and figuratively) on a similar suspended-bike with no ill results, sooo she ixnayed that…

And more rain is good for the plants.  We should be getting about an inch out of this and my water collection devices have already overflowed.  Did I mention it’s COLD?

UPDATE:Cold and Rainy

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