Ranch Hands

Texture & ColorColor & TextureWe made quite a bit more progress with the rocks, including some stream-bed realignment on the “back-forty” where there’s an erosion issue, and I’ve been handling some of the bigger stones.
In England, a stone is an archaic/Medieval term of measurement.  Thanks to Wilkipedia we know that, By the late Middle Ages, international trade, such as England’s exports of raw wool to Florence, required a fixed standard and, in 1389, a royal statute of Edward III fixed the stone of wool at 14 pounds.[11] So what I’ve been playing with are stones that weigh a few stone each – like seven or eight.  Not quite boulder-size but big enough to blow a disk or cause a hernia if I’m not careful, so the really big ones get rolled into the stinky little green wagon (from Tractor Supply, some total assembly required, still smells like bunker-fuel or creosote – whatever the Chinese use to make 600lb. industrial plastic is really gnarly) and hauled-up to a likely new location and tipped out.
As seen after three days, the brand-new Wells Lamont leather gloves (Costco three-pack!) have developed a well-worn patina of sweat and some texture. Rock is basically pretty unforgiving, and I have already worn-out two fingers (long/middle), with a third on the way and stitching has come un-done in the palm. In other news the recent internal application of Glucosamine-Chondroitin seems to help the early morning joint-pain – but not as much as Ibuprofen.

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7 thoughts on “Ranch Hands

  1. The G-C horse pills did wonders for my elbow that has been problematic for a few years. The TAT last year did it no good whatsoever, I have been taking it a month or so and now my elbow is doing better than in years…


    • My right elbow blew-up like a big softball last year with bursitis, and it took a long time to heal.
      That impacted my gun-club attendance because my rifle-shooting from prone just didn’t work – couldn’t do it.


  2. I’m convinced that glucosamine has kept my osteoarthritis at bay. Started taking 4000mg daily about five years ago and my condition has not worsened.


  3. Yep, I’ve heard GC works… I may have to try that. And be glad it’s the GLOVES and not your fingers that look like that!!!


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