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In many ways the BMW Motorrad engineering solutions are automotive-inspired, take the front suspension: the forks don’t contain much besides some friction inducing oil – there’s no suspension within, they are just there as a Motorrad-effekt, and primarily just hold the wheel in place on the axle and align where the front brakes go…
FrontStrut_x1000The suspension chores are handled by an automotive-type shock-absorber on a (pretty damn big, bridge-abutment sized) yoke, that is not re-build-able (without throwing a whole BUNCH of money at it), or have many adjustments for compression or rebound damping as a traditional motorcycle fork might. A dirtbike this is NOT.

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  1. If you plan on keeping it a while I would look at a set of Olins or Hyperpro boingers and shocks… Adjustable for ride height and load, and your wife will thank you as the stock stuff is meh…. If I did not have a race car sucking off all of my disposable income I would have swapped mine by now.


    • It would be nice to get something you can re-valve or rebuild – I believe this is a sealed and welded unit? The rear too only has a few clicks of ride-height adjustment available I think – that’s about it, right? The recomendado is mucho appreciatavo, Amigo!
      BTW the 240-Z race car is bitchin’! Some guy around here I’ve seen has a hot 510 – those eat 2002’s alive.


    • If you do upgrade to full adjustable shocks like Ohlins, make damn sure you record your settings, and keep that info on the bike. You would not believe how bad (can you say UNRIDEABLE?) the handling can get if the settings are screwed with by someone else.

      Yes, the difference can be amazing between stock and aftermarket shocks.

      There was at least one So Bay suspension shop that can set up the shocks for you. Complete with custom springs. I’ve been away from it too long, can’t recall the names. Lindemann?, maybe.


    • Thanks Will! Yes I read that Jim could take certain BMW front-shocks and rebuild them – if they had the proper seam/construction. He did my FZ600! Looong time ago…


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