Vocabulary Lesson

Oil Head
Oil-head – I have a whole new-to-me BMW-riffic nomenclature to learn. Also re-learning things, like the thumb-operated turn-signals are weird and from my ride-height invisible – so like Old Uncle Ernie I can drive from here to Nebraska with the left turn blinker going. And somewhere out there is a 1998 Owner’s Manual – I already downloaded the service manual, but it’s a horse of a different color.


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15 thoughts on “Vocabulary Lesson

  1. To hell with all the definitionisms. I’m just envious, straight up green eyed envy.

    Ride well, ride fast, ride safe! And, when you hit a certain spot in the twisty road, coming up out of a chilly dip and into a sun bathed rise, banking hard and throttling up through the apex. When you smell the bacon frying from the kitchen in the house by the road.

    When that day’s ride is more flying of the spirit than the mere transit of man and machine.

    Then that’s the day I want you to know how greatly I envy you.

    And, am happy as hell for you.

    One day, I’ll get me my fourth Gold Wing. I’d be proud to run a road with you, sir.

    Sunk New Dawn
    Galveston, TX

  2. At least you don’t have to worry about being called part of “the chain gang,” like the poor F650 riders….

  3. Well, you wouldn’t want to be riding an airhead, now, would you?

    Well, at least with BMW, there are only 2 heads to keep straight. (Is that right?) No panhead / shovelhead / knucklehead geneology to worry about. Is there a “head” designator for the Evolution engine?

    Where’s my new job, so I can join the club?

    • If the airhead were a buxom blond…maybe. My Grandpa had an Indian, I don’t know nuthin’ about no Harleyverbosity! I just couldn’t get entangled in that brand of solipsism, and I already had the Japanese killer-tomato before.

    • The latest iteration of BMW’s boxer engine uses water rather than oil as a medium for cooling (though the motor still looks basically the same). It was only released in 2013, so I don’t know if der beemerphiles have devised a tag for it yet.
      May I suggest “wet-head”?

    • The Airhead VW crowd tends to dislike the water-cooled version of the venerated (notorious, maybe?) boxer, aka the wasserboxer, so I don’t know if co-opting the name would be verboten or not.

    • There we go with brand solipsism, I have a one-plug greaseball-head that looks like my bald dome! I can’t get behind Americans who do it any more than Germans or Japanese. Back in the day on RMD the running joke was that enduro-ready Suzuki’s were ill-handling light-switch power-band “Yellow Turds” because they came in yellow. Kawasaki’s had a different rep, and KTM’s required the constant application of RED LocTite. There was ah host of moto-pathologies associated with each brand, and some people were devotionally obsessed to a Brand on the order of Moto Theology – enough to devote a whole post to it…which gives me an idea.

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