Schadenfreude-pa-looza! What is best in life? … to hear the lamentation of their women

Loozas! CA (along with Illinois) seems determined to prove to the rest of the USA, that a Democrat One-Party State is UN-sustainable. The lamentations of their women began THIS AFTERNOON when El Presidenté Pro-Tem of the CA Democrats’ Supermajority One-Party State, the flapjaw Darrel Steinberg, called a meeting to defend and deal with the wreckord and wreckage of State Senate corruption, regarding 1.) outspoken anti-gun State Sen. Leland Yee indicted on arms trafficking, corruption charges, Über sleazebag corruptologist 2.) Ron Calderon, the Google face (images) of CA Senate Corruption charges who is up on a long list of Federal bribery and corruption allegations, and including the Senate’s support for convicted California Sen. Rod Wright, who has been found guilty on corruption charges, and now faces more than eight years in jail – but is on paid leave (WHY???) as he prepares to fight felony convictions for perjury and voter fraud…
Also his buddy, former SF School Board President and the city’s highest education official Keith Jackson was accused by the FBI in a murder-for-hire scheme.
The gift that keeps giving…

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