Unstable Win 8.1 – Update: Bad Monitor

My Win 8.1 desktop has become increasingly unstable with the screen constantly going black, and then returning, and then shutting off (video) again. Flicker-Flicker-Flicker. Starting ever since the upgrade to Win8.1 when Nvidia sent an automatic download of 3-D drivers and other useless video gadgetry aimed primarily at gamers and tablet users – none of which my box has or does – the “dislocation” has increased as if the machine has been botted.
In fact it won’t even boot unless I un-plug the household wireless router from the satellite modem, leading me to questions I don’t have answers for… And as usual I’m pissed at HP for bundling a bunch of useless marketing gimmickry like the Nvidea Super-Pasteurized Ultra-matic 3-Driver tie-in, AND the dumbass “Dr. Dre Beats” audio self-winding crapola – but mainly because I couldn’t find a plain vanilla machine to do my simpleton world-stuff, with an external Internet safety (off-switch). Time to switch to Linux I guess, but I really need Photoshop and Illustrator, which I don’t believe is very well supported by the alternate-universe OS.
UPDATE: Doh!! My monitor was going bad, some internal switching was acting spastic and throwing seizures and fits, and causing me conniptions. New HP monitor sourced at Costco is awesome, green-glow in the rushes…

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4 thoughts on “Unstable Win 8.1 – Update: Bad Monitor

  1. PowerSpec from Microcenter. (Several locations around the country.) They don’t come with bloatware. Even the Microsoft games are buried – unless you want them. Just for future reference. (They are still selling Windows 7 machines, because Windows 8)


    • Thanks Deb! I think it must be a video spec. compatibility issue. The old XP netbook is happy to push VGA signal up the older monitor-pipe, but the new box and new monitor have DVI connectors.


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