Juniper-O Sierra, see-ya!

There were two extensively thick growths of junipers, separated by the “creek” that runs between them. Barely able to walk between them we had the gardeners reduce the density during out first few months. (And soon we will dispense with the expense of the gardeners altogether.) In the gardener-less future She Who Must Blow Leafs will command the high ground with a $10 used the yard-sale leaf-blower from our Winery friends – Thanks James! Not a real big fan of The Green Blowtorch here in the drought-stricken uplands, and with defensible space at a premium we decided to do some hard pruning. And so…we Bomb-sai’d one of the junipers as a test case. Remember Pearl Harbor!
Juniper Scare-O
Now the other one is quaking in its boots. You’re next buddy!
Hey, maybe we can plant some Zinfandel vines here? It’s the one flat-spot of ground where a guy can go-prone… Site of future putting green


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