Wet-Dry Vac

Wet - Dry
Nature abhors a vacuum, and into place spring all kinds of natural forces – like roots seeking water. So we noticed a seep coming off Station #2 on the drip-line circuit. I think after digging and some investigation this may be revealed as a result of NO GLUE YOU DUMBASS! Meanwhile many small and some large roots were wound tightly around this precious water source, possibly jamming it open further.
So now I gotta fix the T-junction and hopefully not break anything else along the way. But what else am I gonna do? Maybe open a Newcastle Brown Ale and lie in the sun on the deck at Vitamin-D Station Alpha… Yeh, that’s good too!
On the right side of the lower picture you can see the “French Ditch” drainage that winds down the side of the house, with the blue Ace Hardware bucket sitting right in it. Full of mud and rocks. There’s lots of rocks, everywhere. Just rocks held together with a bit of mud.
Better get this done before visitors arrive…hopefully we’ll have visitors anyhow.
Where's the GLUE?
UPDATE: I was correct NO GLUE! So NOW glue. Let it dry and re-build the ditch wall…

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